How to create a site

Getting started

You have developed (or are still developing) your website using Hugo or Jekyll and now it’s time to connect it to Statictastic. In this guide, you’ll learn that creating a site in Statictastic is quite easy.

This guide assumes that you have:

Github Authorization

Sign in to your Statictastic account and go to the “Sites” section. That’s the first item of the top menu.

Sites Section

Click on the “Create site with Github” button. You’ll need to authorize the Statictastic application to access your Github account (if don’t have a Github account, learn how to invite someone to help you).

You’ll be redirected to the Github authorization page. If you are planning to manage and publish websites that are part of an organization, make sure you grant access to that specific organization, by clicking on “Grant” beside the organization name.

Github Authorization

Click on the “Authorize statictasticapp” button to authorize Statictastic and return to the site creation process.

Create Site

After successfully granting access to Statictastic, you’ll see a list of Github repositories which can be used to create a site. The default repository list contains the user’s repository. To browse repositories that belong to an organization, select another item in the “Organizations” menu.

Repository Selection

Find the repository containing your static website and click on the button “Create Site”. This button is located beside the repository item and automatically appears when your mouse is over the item.

Congratulations, you created your first site using Statictastic. When you visit the “Sites” section again, the site you created now is displayed in the list:

Site Created

Next steps