How to set up your custom domain

Getting started

When you create and publish a website using Statictastic, your site gets a domain address. This domain looks something like: It allows you to visit and share your website.

If you are planning to make your site available to your customers and users, it makes sense to use a custom domain (e.g.

This guide assumes that you have:


Every site in Statictastic has its own domain. When you visit the “Sites” section, you’ll find the “Domain” of your site (remember that only sites that were published have a domain).

Site List

Create a CNAME record pointing to your Statictastic domain

Statictastic supports custom domain configuration using CNAME records. Using CNAME records, you can map domains like or to your Statictastic site.

In order to configure your custom domain, you’ll have to access your DNS provider and set up a CNAME record which points to your Statictastic domain. Let’s use the following example:

  1. Your Statictastic domain is
  2. You own the domain
  3. You want to map the address to your Statictastic site

To achieve this you’ll need to create a CNAME record in your DNS provider, using the www name pointing to your Statictastic domain (in our example

Different DNS providers have different ways of offering this feature. Below you can see how the set up looks like when using Namecheap DNS provider:


Once you have created the CNAME record, it might take up to 48 hours until the changes are propagated.

Add your domain to Statictastic

With your CNAME configured, now it’s time to configure Statictastic. Go to the “Sites” section and click on the site you want to configure. Select the “Domain” section of the site:

Custom Domain

There are two options when setting up your site’s domain in Statictastic:

  1. Use Statictastic domain: this is the default option and enables you to access your website using the domain format.
  2. Use a custom domain: this option enables you to set up a custom domain.

Select the “Use a custom domain” option, enter the domain you want to use ( in our example) and click on the “Save” button.

Your domain is now saved, but it is still not active. Statictastic only enables your custom domain once it was successfully verified. The verification process checks if your domain was properly configured to point to your website. In our example, it checks if there is a CNAME record that points to

Once Statictastic successfully verifies the CNAME configuration, it displays a “Domain verified” message:


Keep in mind it can take up to 48 hours until your domain changes are propagated and only after that Statictastic is able to verify your domain.

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