How to invite users to join Statictastic

Getting started

Statictastic is designed for collaboration, where different people work together on the management and publishing of websites.

This guide shows you how simple it is to invite people to join your Statictastic account.

This guide assumes that you have:


Your account supports an unlimited number of people. Find below a few examples of roles that might benefit from Statictastic:

  1. A copywriter can change and adapt content using the CMS
  2. The marketing team can change the content (title, text, images) to test different variations of landing pages
  3. The development team can replace static content with dynamic content provided by the CMS
  4. The sales team can process the leads of a form
  5. Everyone can publish new versions of the website

Invite new members

It takes less than 30 seconds to invite new members.

Click on the “Account” item, located on the top-right of your screen. Select the “Settings” option of the menu:

Settings Menu

Click on the “Invite User” button:

Settings View

Fill in the user’s full name, email and select the user role. Statictastic supports two different roles:

  1. Admin: complete access to all area
  2. Member: access to content areas (no access to user management and billing)

Invite User

Click on “Invite User” button. Invited users will receive an email with your invite and will be able to define their own password.

If you go back to the “Settings” section, you can see the invited user on the list:

User List

That’s it. Now go crazy and invite everyone to your Statictastic account!