How to protect a site with a password

Getting started

There are times when it makes sense to prevent a site to be publicly accessible. Maybe your site is under development or you want to create a site to serve as “staging” for testing purposes.

This guide shows how to protect your website with a password and prevent curious eyes to access it.

This guide assumes that you have:

Enabling password protection

Go to the “Sites” section and click on the site you want to protect. Inside the “Site Details” section, go to the “Security” section.

You’ll see that Statictastic offers two security modes:

  1. Public Accessible: everyone can access your website (default)
  2. Password Protected: only people with the username and password can access the website

Every created website is “Public Accessible” by default:

Public Site

To enable the password protection, click on the “Password Protected”. Two fields, username and passwords will be shown. Fill in those fields and click on “Save”:

Protected Site

It takes about 5 minutes to propagate the configuration and enable the password protection. Once it’s enabled, every access will request the user to provide information about the username and password.

Disabling the password is quite simple: select the option “Public Accessible” again and click on “Save”.

Next steps