How to publish a site

Getting started

Now that you have created a site, it’s time to publish it to the world. Statictastic provides a simple process to publish a new versions of a website, enabling everyone in the company to perform that.

This guide assumes that you have:


Statictastic offers you two approaches to publish new versions of your website:

  1. Publish Now
  2. Schedule

Publish Now

This option should be used when you want to get a new version of your website published immediately, without delay. That’s probably your desired case in 90% of the time.

Go to the “Sites” section and click on the site you want to publish. In our example, we have only one website at the moment:

Site Created

Now you can see detailed information about the site you selected. This section includes 5 internal tabs:

  1. Publication: shows the list of published (or scheduled) versions of the website
  2. Domain: site domain settings
  3. Security: password protection settings
  4. Activity: all activities related to the website
  5. Settings: title, description and deletion options

Site Details

Go to the “Publications” section and click on the “Publish” button. You’ll be redirected to the list of publishable versions of your website.

Available Versions

Select the version you want to publish and click on the “Publish Now” button. The button will appear beside the item when you put your mouse over it.

You’ll be redirected to the “Publications” section again, and this time the publication you just created will appear in the list:


A publication has 5 different status, each one describing the current state of it:

  1. Generating: Statictastic is using the generator tool (Hugo or Jekyll) to generate a static version of your website
  2. Publishing: Statictastic is publishing your new version
  3. Failed: The publication process has failed. You can click on the publication item to see more details about the cause and how to fix it.
  4. Scheduled: The publication is scheduled to be published in the future
  5. Published: The publication is published

The “Status” of your publication will automatically change when there is a change. You can also see detailed information about the publication by clicking on its title.


There is times when you don’t want to publish a version of your website immediately, but instead you want to schedule its publication to a specific time in the future.

Here’s a few cases where scheduling the publishing of a new version might make sense:

  1. Events: Do you have specific content for Christmas? Black Friday? Easter? Schedule the publishing of a new version of a specific date and time, so it can automatically go live without requiring someone to be awake.

  2. New Features / New Services: Schedule the publishing of a new version covering the new features or services your company is about to start offering.

  3. Content and Marketing: Fine-tune the publishing of new content changes and marketing campaigns to go live following a specific schedule.

  4. Vacation: Is your content or marketing team going on vacation? Allow them to organize and schedule strategic changes without requiring someone to be in the office.

Go to the “Publications” section of the site you want to schedule the publishing of a new version. Click on the “Publish” button (the option to schedule a publication will only appear after you have published the first version of your website) and click on the “Scheduled” option:

Schedule Menu

Similarly to the “Publish Now” option, you’ll also see the list of publishable versions. The difference is that now you have an additional configuration, which allows you to pick a date and time.

Select the date and time you want to publish your new version and then click on the “Schedule Publication” button:


If you visit the “Publications” section of the website, you’ll see information about your scheduled publication.

Accessing your site

You have successfully published your website. Now comes the question: how can I access my site?

Statictastic assigns a default URL to your website after the first publication. You can find the assigned URL visiting the “Sites” section:


Keep in mind that it might take up to 5 minutes to Statictastic fully publish and propagate a new version of your website.

Next steps